Are You Kidding, Stuffed Doe and Kids

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Book and Toy combination includes:

"Are You Kidding?" Hardcover Picture Book. 38 pages.

Did you know that "kidding" is what you call it when a goat has babies?  "Are You Kidding?" gently introduces the wonder of birth, by telling the charming story of Margo the goat, and of the excitement on the farm when the animals learn she is kidding.  38 pages.  Written and illustrated by mother-daughter team, Steph and Vivi Allosso.

Plush Playset 

* Margo, the momma goat, stands about 11" tall and is 13" long

* Her innovative design comes with two kids placed inside a rear pouch that has a velcro closure  

* Each kid measures about 5" long  

* "Snap-on nursing" allows for the babies to latch onto the momma goat, enhancing play, interaction and education

* Margo and her babies are soft, cuddly and make great companions  

* Agriculture Education

*STEM learning. Teaches children about life cycles.

* For ages 3 and up.  

* Made with synthetic materials